Needed  resources

Target audience


National launch of 16 days of Activism on ending VAW

Community and Stakeholder mobilization and sensitization on GBV.

Uhuru Gardens Nairobi, in partnership with Ministry of Devolution and Planning.

Half day.

T-shirts for Usalama’s Women, Youth, Girls’ and Children participants, Usalama Banner, transport and refreshments for participants,

Stakeholders from diverse sectors, Community members.



To create GBV & Women Rights awareness in the community.

Kayole Mkt and Dandora play grounds respectively.



- Transport

- Public address system


-Venue fee

6,000 people

(men, women and children)


Anti GBV and HIV Radio talk shows.

To Educate and Sensitize the listeners on the links bw GBV and HIV and AIDS.

Radio stations to be identified.

3 shows

Taxi fee, guest speakers, Women Rights and HIV/AIDS advocates.


At least 100,000 Radio Listeners across the Country.



Hospital Visit of GBV Survivors in the Ward

To offer Psycho-social and material support to Survivors in the wards. To mobilize GBV survivors to join Usalama’s survivors support groups.

National, Provincial and District Hospitals in five prioritized Counties.

5 visits

Non Food items (Tissue papers, soap, and Sanitary towels).

Food Items: Fruits and Drinks

200 Survivors


Hospital Visits.

To offer Psycho-social and material support to Children in the Wards

Mama Lucy Hospital, KNH.

2 hours each.

Food items: Fruits, Ribena, Milk, and Baloons.



10-Community Based GBV and HIV training

To sensitive the community leaders on GBV Prevention and Referrals Mechanisms

Nairobi, Migori, Siaya and Kisumu Counties.

One week each.

Refreshments, Transport, Writing materials and Hall hire cost

500 Community Leaders, youths and women.


Anti GBV, Human Rights, anti- GBV and HIV Road show campaigns.

To mobilize and sensitize the community on GBV prevention, response and the links bw GBV and HIV.

Nairobi Eastlands

From 2.00- 5.00 pm

Related logistics costs for transport, public address, M.C, refreshments and vehicle hire.

Un-estimated number of Nairobi Eastland residents.


- 2 Banner for Procession for the Launch

- Brochures; 1,000 PCs

Last edited 01 December 2014