SEMA Initiative is an awareness raising and policy change platform, encouraging youth to take a stand in their communities and speak out against GBV. SEMA which translates to Speak out is the fifth pillar in the Kenya Gender Based Violence Partnership (KGBVP) program which seeks to address attitudes and prevent stereotypical thinking around gender issues, facilitate behavior change by overcoming negative gender norms, and advocate for policies that promote gender inclusion in the community, institutional, national and international level. Through a robust multi-sectoral partnership model, SEMA has created a network of youth-led and youth serving organizations all working towards ending gender based violence in Kenya. Our goal is to create young change makers by working with youth to create and implement innovative programmatic solutions to create better, safer communities. We have partnered with Anika 254, an art-based youth organization to hold monthly events on gender related topics.This month being sexual assault awareness month, join us as we launch a campaign on breaking the silence on sexual violence in Kenya! #TellSomeone is a campaign whose purpose is to raise awareness on sexual assault and gender based violence, and to encourage persons of all ages to report and seek help. Music, poetry and an interactive panel discussion, we are engaging young people as contributors to change, and not just beneficiaries. Topic: Sexual Assault: #TellSomeone When: Saturday, 23 April 2:00-5:00PM Where: Creatives Garage ‪#‎SEMA‬ ‪#‎Anika‬ #TellSomeone ‪#‎EndGBV‬

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