Outrage as woman stripped in public

admin posted this 13 November 2014

On November 7th 2014 a woman was stripped at Embasava Bus terminal. This morning we as Kilimani mums met and decided that we shall hold a peaceful procession to Accra road on Monday 17th November .

We shall go deliver a message to the perpetrators who stripped our sister that it is wrong and a woman has the right to dress the way she sees fit .

We urge you and your daughter's friends and relatives to join and support us .We will meet on Monday at 11am at Uhuru park and March peacefully to the bus terminus .This is our chance to stand together as women and deliver a message that sexual violence will not be tolerated .

In order for this to happen we need your help.Ways you can stand with us

Show up and walk with us

  1. Tell your networks we want thousands of people to attend
  2. Help us with in kind resources:printing tshirts sponsorships etc what ever you can help with
  3. A financial contribution we need to buy tshirts pay for security placards etc we are many people and even the smallest contribution counts
  4. Payments and queries made to Ruthknaust (0701994107)

All are welcome to this walk support your sisters daughter's and wives -join us on Monday

Thank you and God bless

Kilimani mums

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John Munene posted this 13 November 2014

This has to stop!

Stephanie Mutindi posted this 13 November 2014

I agree it has to stop, our Constitution of Kenya is very clear that we should not discriminate against anyone on the basis of dress what happened to the lady is truly inhumane...we commend you kilimani mums for stepping up to fight for our sister.

sylvester mbithi posted this 13 November 2014

We condemn this in the strongest terms possible! Article 27(4) prohibits discrimination on the basis of dress. Article 28 provides for the inherent dignity of a human being and the right to have that dignity respected and protected. Such callous act is the most degrading and inhuman treatment any human being should be subjected to in this day and age!

Lets us all stand up for daughters, mothers, sisters and neighbours


Anne Mary Okutoyi posted this 13 November 2014

Thank you for this cause, let us all say no to GBV!

cmatindi posted this 13 November 2014

Thank you for the initiative to actively stop these kind of scenarios as well as other forms of GBV. It is unfortunate that it took enormous public outcry for the government to actually prosecute such behavior.

cikumary31@yahoo.com posted this 18 November 2014

I see some men walk with their pants below their waist and inner wares showing and no one stripes them so the stripping has nothing to do with indecency its a Gender issue.

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