……towards a GBV free Makueni

Husbands Schools in Makueni County is taking on GBV by teaching men about women’s health and gender issues. GBV has been declared a county emergency issue by both the office of Deputy Govenor Hon. Adelina Mwau and County Women Representative Hon. Rose Museo after assault,rape and defilement cases almost doubled over the past years. In such one school in Ukia, Simon Gundi, a Coordinator of local network of Volunteer Community-Based Paralegals that promotes ADR, access to justice and gender equality, is doing his part to help eradicate GBV in Makueni County. “The Husband School Classes is trying to change the mindset of men in Makueni County. For along time, focus has been on helping survivors of GBV while forgetting the plight of perpetrators who are critical in eradication of GBV in our society. Men and boys are the custodians of harmful traditions that promote GBV in our societies and therefore it is necessary to fully bring them on board in the fight againist GBV. If you have sympathy for women, you won’t do bad things to them. If you know what you are doing is wrong, you will stop. For some, the husband school is the first time they have been in a classroom setting. It is a challenge to get them to open up to new ideas. Makueni is a great County with so much potential. But still, women and young girls are vulnerable to sexual offences, economic deprivation and wife beating. Men have grown used to violations againist women”…..Simon Gundi – Volunteer Community Based Paralegal Officer.

In his classes, he invites the men to share their views on treatment of women so as to help them build a better understanding of the consequences of their attitudes and actions. The thinking is that by opening their minds to bigger picture they will be encouraged to have a different and more mutually respectful and beneficial relationship with their spouses. Husband Schools have no funding. His commiitment however remains unwaivering. …….”I am not doing this job for money. It’s a passion because I know it is life saving”….. Simon Gundi.

For more information contact: Simon Odhiambo Gundi, Tel: +254 724609296/711450343 Email: Facebook: Simon Odhiambo Gundi. Twitter: Simon Odhiambo Gundi.