Cyprian Nyamwamu posted this 18 November 2014

CIVIC EDUCATION ON THE MASCULINITY CRISIS IN KENYA What is to be a man? Most Kenyan men will tell you to be a man is to dominate and humiliate women. "To be a man is to drink, smoke, have sex with many women, stay away from the kitchen and hang out with the boys"... that is the study Rev. Njoya did in 2006 interviewing 56 boys between the age of 12 and 16 yrs with MEW. We are staring at a crisis of masculinity.

Of Kenyan men who are reacting to women who have asserted their humanity. This crisis affects every one from journalists like Mosoku Geoffrey, governors, judges, teachers, priests and pastors, lawyers.. every where the crisis has robbed Kenya of Fathers and Dads. The idea is how to control and silence these women who have started to speak instead of only being there to be seen.

Patriarchy is now threatened. SO we are going to overthrow the constitution of Kenya and allow men to strip women naked.. women who these men think are indecently dressed... so shoot to kill... become accuser, investigator, prosecutor and executioner... warn those women not to dare men ( sick men).. we will deal with them because our society does not joke with women.... ( this is what men on social media have been saying.. warn women)

A man who attacks a woman physically is a coward! This is a man who is powerless and threatened by the beauty of a woman... Threatened by this woman who has dared to express herself. Then men from all walks of life step forward to warn women not to dress indecently... Did you see the women who have been stripped before they were stripped for you to join in the warning? You are Sick because you are believing Makangas.... So every man is right in his judgement including Kanyari.. criminals are right because they are men!!!

Violence is a means of controlling women. So that all power is exercised by men, so that women lose all power, freedom and rights and do not express themselves. Men control women economically, politically, Men control women in churches and mosques, in marriages, in the military and the police services; through child care and house chores, men control women sexually, men control women in the education, labour, in the professions, the arts. The whole world today is about men controlling women. Not eliminating poverty, ending wars, promoting environmental sustainability, not about ending corruption.

AND THAT IS WHY KENYA IS SUFFERING FROM A DEEP CRISIS OF PARENTING, WE DO NOT HAVE DADS, FATHERS HAVE GONE MISSING. Mothers are now both mothers and Fathers.. because men are busy at Embassava stage looking for money to Provide for their families... But Fathers have Four other roles apart from Providing: 2. Being the Priests of their families 3. Being the Instructors/Trainers of their children 4. Being Teachers of their children including civic educators, human rights educators, being educators on the need to respect, honor and care for other human beings. 5. Being the Rulers and Protectors of their families.

Rev. Njoya asserts that being a man is not having a penis.Being a man is being a partner to build nations and communities that care for life.

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Ajema posted this 18 November 2014

i like it when you stress the role of men not just as fathers,but as protectors.

John Munene posted this 18 November 2014

Well put!

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