**We have been championing for a platform that will enable women and girls to open up about Gender Based Violence for the longest time since women and girls are most often than not the most affected (including men in some cases) in sexual violence. Also to encourage others to come out and talk about their experiences as a therapeutic way to deal with the trauma and isolation they experience. However, a statement made on Monday 30th March 2015, was major setback to this. One of our prominent women uttered a statement that may eventually take us back to square one in regards to giving a platform to women and girls who have gone through Gender Based Violence to open up.

She talked about women being on the blame end for the sexual violence that befalls them. This statement may permanently destroy some woman or girl somewhere who might blame herself for the rest of her life for something she doesn't deserve to go through.This to my opinion created another huddle that will make it difficult for a woman or girl to come out and talk about what they have gone through since they wouldn't want to be ridiculed and blamed for the heinous acts that befell them.

Are we ready as women to go back to the deep hole that we have been trying to pull ourselves out from for ages? The woman should publicly apologize and withdraw the statement and for it to be a serious warning not to utter words that may misinform the public or subjectively humiliate or embarrass individuals. I know opinion is free but we should weigh where to give them and where not to.**