**Following the story on the Standard Newspaper dated Thursday, 12th March 2015 on the men who stripped the ladies in Githurai 45. A Nairobi Court decided to give them a dose of their own medicine. These men through their actions disgraced, embarrassed, traumatized, assaulted and all other words that can't describe the status of a woman's life never being the same.

The Court decided to consolidate this case with cases of other two men who had been involved in the striping of the women and who were still in custody after they denied the charges before Milimani Senior Principal Magistrate.The defence was against the idea since they stated consolidation would delay the case. The application for consolidation was allowed and the three suspects are expected to take plea again.

Away from that, eight pages onward on the same newspaper, a 48- year-old woman was gang raped and killed, made the headlines. This still occurred in Githurai 45 area. According to police sources the woman's body was found by the roadside on Tuesday morning. The woman is said to have been spotted around Ngethe Farm on Monday evening and police believe that she might have been attacked as she walked home.

The questions that still lingers is, 'Are We There Yet?' In terms of women feeling and walking safe to their homes? Is there something that can be done from an individual or Organizations against women violence's point of view? I still think that we aren't there yet, but acknowledge the steps or strides we are making however invisible they might seem to be. My hope is that one day sexual/ physical violations against women will be seen as a retrogressive aspect that we already overcame.**

Last edited 12 March 2015