As is usual with the onset of all new years, majority of the population will dive into the tradition of making resolutions. Resolutions they hope will make them better, so that they can set and achieve goals to them more productive, or better citizens of their geographical representation. Isn’t that what we all do?

As so, in the application of new year resolutions to the country, we all hoped that things would change for the better; that all the harm and folly that grazed 2015 will be but a rumour. This we hoped in desperation, in order to see the cases of GBV decline. But just as all resolutions begin with aggressive determination, they fail equally. As if in the same spirit of inspiration that the same hope glimmered.

2016 started with raw (lack of a better word) manifestations of violence we had yet to see: Charity Mukami Wachira was found dead in her home on December 16th, 2015. Her decomposing body was only disvovered days later after the neighbours’ curiosity was raised. She was allegedly killed by her boyfriend, Kunguru Martin Opiyo, in Nyayo Estate who is awaiting a second mental assessment before he can face the full wrath of the law; he was charged with the murder on the 7th of January.

That same evening, doctors at Kenyatta National Hospital were racing to save the life of a woman who was critically injured in a domestic row in Wajir the previous day. Ms Fatuma Ibrahim had a knife lodged through her skull that doctors at Wajir Referral Hospital could not remove. The knife appeared to have gone through her nasal cavity, with the blade missing her left eye by a few inches. She arrived at the hospital nine hours after she was assaulted. She was allegedly stabbed by her husband, Mohamed Wamorje Deeq, who appeared in the Wajir Magistrate’s Court on the 8th of January then remanded at the Wajir police station.

In an interesting turn of tables, on January 12th, Caroline (as she has only been identified), stabbed her 25-year-old boyfriend to death in Huruma, after a quarrel over what television programme to watch. The 10 pm attack happened while a soap opera was airing on one channel and a football match on another. According to the Nairobi Police Chief, the man passed away shortly after arriving in hospital due to excessive bleeding caused by the stab. Caroline is facing murder charges.

Will this be the trend in the coming weeks this year? Will these stories lace the news every day? It is worrying. However, as we near the conclusion of the 1st phase of the National campaign to end GBV (Keeping the Promise) we commend the judicial system for following up on the detention and trial of all the perpetrators of these crimes; we also recognize the efforts of the duty bearers who have played their roles to ensure that all services are provided accordingly. And just as resolutions are made year in, and broken year out, we want to trust that our promise will continue to burn until we have a lasting solution to this vice.

Happy 2016!